It goes without saying that everyone likes a clean vehicle; long lines in our full service lanes on Friday and Saturday are testament to that demand. Keeping the line moving is a priority for our staff, but sometimes, there are things that hamper those efforts and slow the process down. Here's a list of things you, the consumer, can do to help expedite the process and get your vehicle cleaner, faster. The more prepared you are, the more satisfied you will be with your clean vehicle.

Remove all personal items

The more time we spend moving personal items around—like shoes, umbrellas, or DVDs—the less time we spend vacuuming or wiping down interior surfaces. We can't vacuum or clean cluttered floorboards, cup holders, door pockets, cargo areas, or trunks. Take time to de-clutter these areas before arriving, preferably at home.

Throw away your trash

Each time our staff has to exit the vehicle to throw away empty bottles, fast food bags, or discarded candy wraps, that's less time they're spending vacuuming—and more time you spend waiting for your vehicle to move through the wash.

Look over your vehicle's interior and remove anything that is trash, either at home or in the designated receptacles on our property. Any important papers or receipts should be placed in the glove box or trunk. Anything found while vacuuming will be discarded.

Leave your vehicle running

You're less likely to take your keys with you if you leave your vehicle running. If you shut your vehicle off and take your keys with you, then a member of our staff has to stop performing their duties to find you to retrieve your keys. This means that the line stops moving until we can start your car.

Believe it or not, we need your keys to start your vehicle. Leave them in the ignition or in a front cupholder—not on the driver's seat, not on the dashboard, not in a hidden compartment in the glove box. If you're worried about your vehicle locking, bring a spare set; we're not responsible for unlocking vehicles that lock by design, like newer Ford and Lincolns.

Wait for the Salesperson

When you arrive, pull in the full service or exterior express lane and wait for the attendant to present a menu of our services to you. The salesperson will then provide you with a sales slip to take inside to the cashier. Exiting the vehicle and heading inside before the salesperson assists you causes confusion and delay.

Unless you're the first customer in line, ideally you should wait in your vehicle and pull up in line as necessary. You can exit the vehicle and head inside when you're second in-line. Use this time to re-arrange your vehicle or help passengers out of the vehicles. This helps with flow; if you're the third or fourth car in line and you get out and head inside, then one of our team members has to walk out to your vehicle and pull it up--and that's less time they're spending on another car.

Give Yourself Time

And lots of it. You have a hair appointment at 3pm in  Gahanna? Don't show up at 2:40 and expect to be out by 2:50. We're dedicated to our service, doing what no other car wash in the area does; it goes without saying that what we do takes time. Some vehicles are cleaner than others; and some vehicles are in better shape than others, and therefore are quicker to clean. It is impossible to accurately judge how long it will take to wash your car as there are too many variables. How dirty is your car? What about the one in front of you? Did you get a basic wash? Is the car in front of you getting a more expensive and therefore more thorough service? Are we mostly washing full-service customers, or are we getting a lot of exterior-only customers? Are we really busy, or not at all? Did we get busier than anticipated given the current or predicted weather conditions? All of these things can effect the amount of time it takes to wash your vehicle so you should give yourself as much time as possible, almost as if you were going to the DMV.

If you're looking at your calendar and the weather report and it shows sunny and clear skies with a high temperature of 72 on a Saturday with no rain for 5 days, and you think "Gee, that's a great day to wash the car!" Chances are, 150 other Buckeye Auto Spa customers thought the same thing and will be here too. So, bring a book or charge your phone/tablet.