Service Car/Coupes Midsize SUV Large Vehicles
Complete Interior $125 $150 $175
Complete Exterior $125 $150 $175
Complete/Full $200 $225 $250
Mini Detail $120 $140 $160
Hand Wax Only $75 $85 $95
Steam Carpets or seats $55 $65 $75
Steam Carpets and Seats $75 $85 $95

Effective Jan 1st 2020, all detail appointments require a reservation fee in order to schedule.

All services performed by appointment only

Prices listed are for vehicles in average condition. Average condition is defined as a four hour turn around time for service.

Scratch, tree sap, road tar, heavy pet hair, over spray, and transfer paint removal is priced upon inspection

What's the difference between an interior detail and steam cleaning?

In a complete interior detail, we get into all the nooks and crannies of the interior and completely clean it; this include steam cleaning the carpets and seats. We clean and condition the leather and vinyl surfaces. In the steam cleaning surface, we just steam clean the carpets or seats.

What's the difference between an exterior detail and a hand wax?

In a complete exterior detail, we wash the vehicle, then buff, machine polish, and hand wax the exterior. In a hand wax, we wash the vehicle, apply a hard shell wax to the outside, then wipe clean with a microfiber towel.

What's the difference between a complete detail and a mini detail?

In the complete detail, we perform all the services listed for the interior and exterior as mentioned in the previous two questions. In a mini-detail, we wax the outside, steam clean your choice of the carpets or seats, and perform a Works Full Service car wash.